Test Drive 3: Sony Handycam 1997

In our first ever video edition we give you a brief, unedited single take summary use of the Sony Handycam!

The Sony Handycam CCD-TRV22 (not as pretty as new device model names) was one an incredibly popular camcorder – offering many options for the average consumer.

Utilizing an MP120 tape, in the US NTSC standard, you could record 120 mins in SP quality, or 240 in LP – this allowed for longer durations of recording without having to change tapes, however the downside was quality loss. This is similar to changing from 4k to HD (1080p or 720p), or even SD (480p) resolution, or reducing your recording framerate from 60fps, or 30fps, which reduces file size, and allows more to fit on your hard drive, or SD Card.

The additional battery (while a little pricey) would allow hours of additional recording – it was highly recommended that you use the viewfinder, and keep the LCD Display off however as the display tended to drain the battery quite quickly. Using the extended battery, and no LCD, the camera would allow for five hours of continued usage. Ni-Cd batteries have a fractional duration when comparing to modern Li-Po, or Li-Fe-Po batteries used in our present everyday devices.

I know… I’m making it seem like 1997 was so long ago, but 23 years is an absolute eternity in the technological world!

Scroll down for more images, and we’ll catch you next week!

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