Warnings & Policies

Bear in mind that analog formats degrade over time, and they may not be of the same quality that you remember. While we’ll do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly, accidents can happen – even with the most well maintained equipment. All of our pieces of equipment to be able to convert your media are well past their support date (the last VCR was manufactured in 2016), so it’s reliant on our technical knowledge to repair any issues. We do have a few things that you’ll have to sign off on before we’ll take possession of your tapes, and your acknowledgement of this is one of them.

Worried about our policy on data retention? To put it simply, we don’t retain your data. It’s not ours to keep. As part of the terms of service, you have one week from your order pickup to confirm that all of your videos, images, etc. were correctly converted. If you have any issues, please immediately reach out, because on day eight, that data is wiped. If we hear back from you before the one week mark, and you let us know that all is well, it’ll be gone that same day.

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