Test Drive Tech #2: Polaroid – at least what we can find film for this week

You’re probably asking yourself: But I thought they were gone!?

Yes, they are… Polaroid as they were are gone and buried unfortunately, at least in the camera world – but the name lives on, and the product has seen a bit of a resurgence. In 2008 a company formed called “The Impossible Project” (not to be confused with Impossible Foods) – this company started in manufacturing new Polaroid film for the original cameras with a redesigned formula. Their film was only 8 shots, and took a little bit of time to develop, but in my mind it offered a much clearer image than the original did.

They’ve since bought out the Polaroid Name, and Reformed as ‘Polaroid Originals’ – this has actually lead to the price of the film dropping a little from the ‘Impossible’ days, and even some new cameras being made. But these aren’t the camera’s we’re going to touch on today – more because we’ve had an issue getting the film locally, but don’t worry! It’s set to be in stock again soon enough, and we’ll have one of those coming down the pipe.

We all love the digital cameras that we carry around day to day, but film just has a certain appeal that I can never get past. Today, we’re looking at the Polaroid 300 – this is essentially a Polaroid Branded Fujifilm Instax camera, in fact it uses the same film which makes it easy to find, and not horribly expensive. It’s a fun little thing that really just is there for novelty – the photos are the same size as a business card, and are best when taken in medium light environments.

They use a little 10 shot film cartridge that we’re used to from all of the old cameras, and instead of the film pack holding the batteries, it uses four AA Batteries to get the job done, so no worries if you leave the camera open, it’ll auto power off after a little while. It is powered on by pulling the lens fixture out, and has a shot counter on the back by the viewfinder.

The photo ejects through the top as opposed to the bottom front, or side as the old camera’s would, and has a few different lighting settings. I’ve personally never found them to be very useful. As I said, this camera is a fun novelty for the nostalgia aspect, however it really isn’t meant to be your every day camera, nor does it claim to be.

We used the same pupper as our subject for photos as in our last ‘Test Drive’ post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this dive in, and we’ll see you next week for our look at some video tech!


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