About Us

Who are we? Well, a we is really just a me – I started this company after having done many media conversions on the side for a few family members. I toyed around with getting the equipment to do all of this a while back, but it wasn’t until my uncle handed me a bunch of tapes that I decided to actually follow through. That being said, it took me about a year to get the remaining equipment to actually be able to play back some of the tapes, and convert them. After investing a bit of time and money into getting everything set, I decided that I may pitch this as a small side business, and get going… so here we are!

You may wonder what sort of process that’s being used – to put it simply, using a combination of computers, fancy cards hooked in to said computers, and a little behind the scenes magic, we take any of your old video, or audio content, and convert it into a modern format of your choosing to be viewed on any TV, Computer, Tablet, Phone, or even Game Console.

I won’t go into the technical details, however we’re setup to convert many of the older standards of video, with more on the way with every request!

We’re hoping to add some content production, and we’ve just added the ability to bring your boxes and bins of old photos into the 21st century, and preserve them for the digital era!

Ready to take the dive? Head on over to that contact page!